Cash Flow Growth Profits Success

Foundation of PrimaLend

PrimaLend Capital Partners is a Dallas-based commercial lender, providing no-hassle revolving lines of credit and inventory floor plans to independent auto dealers and finance companies nationwide.



PrimaLend Does The Work

Other lenders bog you down with complicated spreadsheets, heavy reporting requirements, and limited funding options. At PrimaLend, we make ZERO manual reporting requests. By accessing your software remotely, we build all the reports and generate the borrowing base for you. Best of all, we provide daily funding accessibility

Portfolio Line of Credit

Your loan is secured by your retail installment contracts. This allows you to retain all contracts and customers in order to maximize profitability. Apply for a revolving line of credit from PrimaLend to begin building wealth and avoid the high-cost pitfalls of portfolio sales and payment streaming.

Inventory Floor Plan

PrimaLend provides the capital you need to finance auto auction purchases, customer trades, and other types of vehicle acquisitions. Apply for an inventory Floor Plan today to access liquidity and grow your business.

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