New Look, New Site, Same Focus on Dealership Growth

December 09, 2021

Since 2007, PrimaLend has been helping Buy-Here-Pay-Here dealerships grow their businesses by providing much needed capital through the power of leverage. 

Over the years, our industry has changed in many ways, but one thing has remained the same: BHPH dealership owners and operators still rely on PrimaLend to get the capital they need to scale into new locations, bigger inventories, and new levels of revenue. 

You’ve probably noticed that our website has changed. We’ve freshened things up quite a bit: we have a new logo, new messaging, and a new way of portraying our brand. However, the core of what we do hasn’t changed at all.  

We’re still 100% focused on working with dealerships to expand their operations and serve as a guiding light aimed at “bank graduation” and a more prosperous future.  

Three Core Assets That Can Provide the Capital You Need

Historically, dealerships have used leveraged capital from two principal assets for obtaining the capital they need to grow their business. Those two assets are the accounts you originate,  your “Receivables” and the vehicles you own,  your “Inventory”.

These asset categories can go a long way in helping dealerships obtain the financing they need to grow, but what about the land they’re operating on or the building they’ve purchased for use as a storefront?

PrimaLend’s new Real Estate lending allows dealerships to tap into the otherwise dormant value in their real estate. Leveraging your real estate can pave the way to business expansion by allowing more positive cash flow that can, in turn, be reinvested into the business.  If you do not yet own your lot, we can provide the financing for that purchases well. 

We can even facilitate a purchase and leaseback option that comes with an option to buy. It all boils down to what works best for your unique needs as a dealership owner/operator. 

Looking Forward

Dealerships no longer need to rely on hard cash, personal capital, or outside investment to grow their businesses. What’s more, asset-backed financing can often be executed in a few short weeks for dealerships that qualify.

And speaking of qualifying…we’ve helped some of the most cash-strapped dealerships in the country secure a loan with attractive terms and reasonable rates. Even if you’ve been told ‘no’ before, you owe it to yourself see what PrimaLend can do for you.  

In a business where cash flow is king, having the capital to attract new buyers, add to inventory, or make other critical business investments is more important now than it has ever been. By offering Buy-Here-Pay-Here dealerships more ways to fund their growth, PrimaLend is doing more than ever to play a pivotal role in the futures of dealerships across the country.

So, even though our website, logo, and online presence have a different look and feel, our passion for being a growth partner to BHPH dealerships hasn’t changed a bit.

To learn more about how we can help your enterprise break into new levels of growth, contact our team today.